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Business Administration
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Business Administration 1220E
Sean Burkett

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Organizational Behavior Group Report Sean Burkett 1220E, Section 551, MWF 12:20pm Emelie Kartechner, Amy Rogers, Andrew Rogers, Dennis Ly, Harrison Neweduik, Brook Nullmeyer Takin’ Care of Business Introduction Highrise Pictures is a company in Toronto, Ontario currently owned by James Hatch. The main issue affecting the future of Highrise is the actions of the newest employee, Charlie Palmer. These actions have created a domino effect that has negatively affected the other intern at Highrise, Jack Freeman. Highrise has only been in operation for one year, it must be taken into consideration that the company cannot afford to receive any bad reviews or tainting of reputation if the business wishes to continue to grow and produce high quality, unique projects. Strategy/Desired Culture Highrise Pictures mission statement is, “We at Highrise promise to provide high quality, custom made, high definition films for our clientele.” With this mission statement in mind, the desired culture at Highrise Pictures aims to continuously build a strong reputation with clients. At Highrise, the employees are required to meet with the clients, film, direct, and edit the project. This four-step process requires efficiency from the Highrise employees since there is typically between three and ten videos for corporate or private clientele in a typical week. Corporate videos, commercials, wedding videos, and short films are the projects that Highrise Pictures focuses on. Highrise must be versatile in order to meet specific requests of the clients during these diverse projects. James Hatch aims to create a casual atmosphere while at work. The employees have creative freedom while working on projects, valued opinions, and high socialization between each other. Each project requires either one or two employees. Every person has a different creative approach to each various project and this adds to the unique reputation Highrise Pictures seeks to attain. With this desired culture, Highrise aims to grow the number of clients, number of films per year, and their reputation to further succeed in the film industry. Past Current Culture Highrise Pictures is currently concerned about the interns employed and that it will ruin their reputation in the film industry. The interns, Charlie Palmer and Jack Freeman, have isolated themselves from the rest of the team at Highrise. The first two months of Freeman’s internship went perfect until Palmer’s arrival, which resulted in a domino effect that influenced Freeman. Although their quality of work has not decreased, this isolation has led to a lack of communication within the company. Palmer and Freeman requested to Hatch to work on projects together to further distance themselves from the other four employees. An example of the separation is that the Palmer and Freeman leave work as early as possible and do not attend the Friday afternoon beers in the editing suite with the rest of the team. This negative attitude has led to inefficiency with projects they work on by completing their projects over the usual 24 hour time period. This has further resulted in customer complaints as they ignored the Highrise mission statement. The work environment has drastically changed due to tainting of the reputation by Palmer and Freeman to existing clients and negative actions towards Hatch’s management style. These problems have resulted in a drastic culture change within the atmosphere of Highrise. Gaps Currently, Highrise is not following the company’s mission statement of producing high quality, custom made, high definition films. Some of the gaps between where Highrise wants to be and Highrise is currently at are a lack of management respect, lack of employee communication, lack of efficiency, and bad image in the film industry. The issues between the interns and Hatch need to be addressed and taken care of as soon as possible i
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