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Calculus 1000A/B
Felix Lee

Chemistry1100 Intro to Chemistry September 12, 2012  Isotopes  The number of protons (Z) in an atom defines the identity of the element and its atomic number  C = 6 protons = #6  Isotopes have the same number of protons but different number of neutrons, so they have a different mass number (A)  A---> C2 Z--> 6  Average atomic mass  The mass on the periodic table for any element is the weighted average of the masses of all the isotopes  Example: silicon 28 29 30  Si Si Si  28g/mol 29g/mol 30g/mol  92.23% 4.67% 3.10%  All exist, but the periodic table doesn’t have any of them because they take the weighted average mass  Moles and Molarity  Recall that mole is simply a term that describes a certain quantity: 6.02x10 23 -1  Moles = (mass of stuff in grams)/(mass of 1mol of stuff in g mol )  Molarity (units of M or mol/L) describes the number of moles of material in one litre of solution, so it is a measure o
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