Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 2290A/B Lecture Notes - Lab Report, Level Of Measurement, Analyte

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In addition to completing the lab note book, it is essential that each group present the lab report in the following format:: title, abstract, introduction (theory, experimental procedure, observation, calculations, results & discussion, conclusion. The aim of the lab report is to evaluate your understanding of the subject, hence you are strongly advised to discuss the abstract, theory and conclusion of your lab in your own words in as scientific/technical manner as possible. The report will have a common introduction (theory) section. In this section, you should include any theory that may be relevant to understanding your report. Position your readers; prepare them for what they are about to read. Present information that suggests why your work is interesting, why the method you"ve chosen may prove successful, and what conclusions may be drawn from the experiment. All of this means background information, maybe a little history, reaction schemes, etc.