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Chemistry 2223B
James Wisner

Chemistry 2223bWinter 201314Western University Topic 1 Colours and Chromophores This section discusses the absorption of light by organic compounds the related photophysical processes and the spectroscopic methods used to measure light absorption and emission Examples of important chromophores will be introducedBackground material from prior chem courses that is important is listed below Because Chem 2223b primarily focuses on the applications of concepts that you have already seen it is crucial that you understand this background material o Relationship between wavelength and energy o Bonding and hybridization conjugation and resonance structures o Fundamentals of molecular orbital theoryAfter completing this section and Experiment 1 attempt o Practice problems in the lab manual o 2010 and 2011 Midterms 162012 Midterm 18 o 2013 Midterm 17 9 Colours and Chromophores2 A Perception of ColourWhite light is comprised of a continuum of different colours If white light such as sunlight is passed through clouds or a prism it can be split up into its constituent coloursThe colours wavelengths that we can observe are in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrumThe colour of an object that is illuminated by white light can be explained by the subtractive colour model If the object absorbs a specific colour of light that colour is subtracted from the light that is reflected from or transmitted through the object
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