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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

Chemistry 1100 Atomic Theory Friday, September 14, 2012  Ciproflaxen  Chemical with fluorine attachment (drug)  Swapped with chlorine, doesn’t work anymore  Hydrogen Emission Spectrum  Only four colours of lights were observed for hydrogen  Similar to how fluorescent bulbs work  Pass light through a prism, and it will be split into different wavelengths  Every element gives off a different emission spectrum  ChemCam -> laser analyzing composition of rocks  Google: “ChemCam Mars”  When excited with a source of energy, elements will give off light Light  Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum  Gamma Rays -> Xrays -> Ultraviolet -> visible spectrum -> infrared -> microwave -> radio  Frequency (v) = speed of light (c) / wavelength (λ)  Energy (E) = hv = (hc)/ λ -> h is a constant  +/- are phases -> depending on which side of the line the wavelength is on -> it is a sin graph  Is only the visible spectrum considered within the emission spectrum?  No, but you need the correct instruments  4 colours of wavelengths = 4 different energies of life  These wavelengths are not random – with some trial & error, a relationship between them was found  Balmer Equation only valid when n≥3  Just because you only see some of the wavelengths, doesn’t mean that nothing else is produced  It was then discovered that hydrogen also emitted very specific wavelengths of UV and IR light  Invisible (detected by instrumentation)  Lyman equation (UV) valid when n≥2  1/ λ = H ((1/1 )-(1/n )  Paschen equation (IR) valid when n≥4  1/ λ = H ((1/3 )-(1/n )  In order of decreasing energy (increasing wavelength)  UV : n≥2  Visible: n≥3  IR: n≥4  But why the very specific wavelengths?  Neils Bohr’s explanation: discrete energy levels (orbits)  Energy di
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