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Chemistry 1027A/B
Terry Biggs

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Biochemistry 2280 Protein StructureLecture 4Protein modificationlipoprotein bind lipidsmetalloprteins bind metal ionshemoproteins have an attached heme groupMany other examplesProtein Folding How does it happenNewlytranslated polypeptide random coil3D Structure native stateFolding pathways are likely specified by sequenceCooperativity thousands of weak interactionsLowest energy formThis is a hypothesis so its not necessarily trueMolecular chaperons are proteins that help with foldingProbably a stepwise processHydrophobic interactions then secondary structure then tertiaryNo one really knows HOW it happensConformational FlexibilityChangesProteins are not completely rigid structuresVarious types of motion are possible depending on structureOften do
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