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Classics Lecture #5

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

Oct 15th Panhellenic games: the circuit was played once a year. Greek Sports Dates relative to your of Olympics. Very important to the Greeks Swore seeing Greeks, not being criminals Most women were not allowed to attend or training past 10 month were allowed the Olympics participating. It was held in the Gymnasium or the No water supply on tournament ground Palaestra The first place won a olive wreath Procedures Day one was sacrifice. Meat set aside fro Gymnasium the banquet after the Olympics Every was naked Day two was for a 4 horse chariot race. they workout, compete, and got an edu- There were 20 chariots. cation. Stadium is 200 yards It was a multifunction centre Day 2 midday: Pentalathon; discus throw, It was only open for males long jump, and javelin. They learned art, literature, philosophy, In the stadium. and music. Day three: Junior olympics? Day 4: 200m, 400m, 800m race. Plato believed in training the body and Day 4 mid day: wrestling ( best of 3 falls), mind boxing ( almost naked, till giving up or be- Greeks wanted everyone to see their ing co-ed.) And then Pankation nude, athletic body. ( boxing/westing till submission) Nudity = purity Athletics, gymnasium for the sake of com- No Ball games petition Games were dedicated to Zeus, Holiday Clear winners were important in honor of Zeus. There are no judges Day 5: Huge banquet. Meat eaten. Win- Isonomia: its when everyone is equal un- ners in spiral room? No prize money. der Greek law. Woman had their own, unpopular games. People who are tough and can handle pain is the values taught. Philosophy Preso
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