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Lecture 17

Classical Studies 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Praetorian Guard, Oatmeal, Antoninus Pius

Classical Studies
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CS 1000
David Lamari

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Military Expansion & Its Limits
Vespasian (69-79)
o Not Julio-Claudian
o An outsider, city is bankrupt
o Good soldier and was governor at a good time
- Had a large army to put down the revolt
- Consolidated power
- Didn’t try to hide his humble beginnings
- Increased taxes (created different kinds of taxes)
o Novus Homo of the Flavian Family, Governor of Judaea
o Reformed military recruitment
- From now on, if I recruit a Spaniard, he cannot serve in
- Feared it would start a revolt
o “It doesn’t smell”
o He began the construction of the greatest amphitheater
- Nero bought large portion of city that was crap to create
an artificial lake and mansion (‘Golden House’) never
- World’s largest public building – the colosseum
Titus (79-81)
o Jewish revolt
o Died before anyone could start to hate him
o His younger brother took over
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Domitian (81-96)
o Odd fellow
o ‘Lord and God’
- How he wanted to be referred to as
- Which was offensive to many Romans
o Paranoia and conspiracy
- Everyone says you’re paranoid until you are assassinated
- Which he was lmao
- Had a book of names of people he wanted to assassinate
His wife was on the list
So, she planned his assassination
o End of the Flavian dynasty
o In central Italy called Campagna
o 50-25,000 people
o Ash from eruption trapped/preserved the city
o Forum
- Theatres
Two theatres two different shows pit towns against
each other
- Taverns
Food tavern
Fast food (soup or vegetables or oatmeal)
Also, had prostitution and gambling
- Shops
- Brothels
Around 4 or 5
Prostitutes would have sandals that had messages that
would imprint on the sand
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