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Classics Lecture #19

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

March 11, 2013 • The upper class knew food tasted better in wood, they still always used silver dining stuff • Very status oriented society TheRomanHouse:Domus • The Garden is called the Peristyle • There are pillars all around the TheAtriumhouse garden The emperor suddenly interfered It was a show garden and around it • • with the patron client relationships there were these pavilions that • He implemented welfare programs provides shades • Entrance in latin, look at the • Theres no bathroom, no kitchens, powerpoint for reference and no place to put slaves, kids, and there are no doors • The throat always has a pretend dog for decoration • The textbook says that they don’t • As you’re going into an atrium have second floors but that’s not house, on either side of the true throat/shops, which is weird. • The kids will be walking around everywhere • The shops include bars or markets or restaurant and dry cleaners • No interest in cooking • Everything was open so that • Not a lot of furniture, but when people outside can see everything there are furnitures, they are that is going on exquisite • Once the man left the woman had • The aristocrats wanted to display their lives to run everything • There is a mini family museum • Had museums that were not called the wings in each side allowed to be entered • They have all the evidence of their • All the spaces were very flexible wealth • Walking past the atriumis the seat Pliny’sVilla of the lord • He was so lavish that he made a • Water pool(Impluvium) in the lawn that spelled out his name middle, it has a pip that leads it • So wealthy that a whole town out to the sewers sprang up around his villa • Before it was for water supplies but often it was just a decorative SocialStructure feature • Innsula (islands): took up entire • There is curtains if anyone wanted city block, 6 stories high. privacy in the Study or the Apartment complexes. Everything Bedrooms was so expensive that families • They had windows up high and lived in one room. narrow to prevent burglars • No one cared about privacy, even • The Tricliniumis the Dining Room public bathrooms there was no such thing as privacy • There were many paintings of dinner services • No one wanted a top floor because • They originally had paintin
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