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Classics Lecture #1

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
Tom Haffie

Classics Lecture September 9th %20Lectures/001%20Minoans.pdf timeline: big numbers>1>growing numbers BC AD -know the ages of greek history, memorize -primary source: from ancient world, artefacts -secondary source: after the fact, scholars' opinions lithic-stone (age) bronze age: referred to this because mixtures of brass and copper are commonly used, tools triggered the advances in customs, dramatic change changed to schedules, hard work and not just eating and sleeping stone/bronze/iron: used to distinguish eras because of the different tools the workers used to be more productive, most scholars assume that the tools humans use define who you are, distinct because of the tools we use, ex computers The Minoans: language is lost, not much known, before more could be found out greeks took over the island Powerful King> Minos, not greek, power from the sea, greece was not a certain island but a group of islands that shared the same language demanded Athens to give him 14 children to him every year> to show his power and to feed his half man half bull child (his wife's son) Hid the stepson in the labyrinth (maze) A prince in athens volunteered, daughter of king loved him, king gave him sword and string to get out of the labyrinth after killing the monster Kept adding on to palace, no protection for the palace> no conflicts? thought no one would challenge him, maze at the palace Agglutinative: "historically significant" but not entirely factual or true but still very helpful Palaces destroyed by earthquakes, probably the cause both times even though it was thought to be fires the second time Only way to get people to devote someone to work their life away is to dominate them and control all aspects of their lives, only religious ceremonies don't happen at the palace. Compelling society to be organized created more skills and technology, passed down and perfected Minoans (crete) were dependent on their ability to sell raw materials and sell them. Middle man of the bronze age. Didn't have resources to create its own resources, not good soil, rivers, mountains "Linear A": minoan scripture, unreadable, were literate people Found pillars in palace, used them to partition rooms, hung drapes over them, could be doors Indoor plumbing, aqueducts, stone paved roads, saws lots of art had bulls(prominent due to bull myth, "playfulness" of their art white skin is nobility or god, dark skin is commoner, had to be exposed to sun while doing work Double axes are actually gold sheets, used as wall decals the palaces were unified, same art and structures etc
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