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Greek Sport

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
Shauna Burke

Greek Sport - athletics is always present - competed w/ other people, do your best=better person - role models - essential to culture gymnasium: - gymno- naked (used to it) - multifunctional place - dedicated for training athletes - compete w/ neighbours - small competitions ex. foot race - father gave daughter to winner of competition - palaestra: wrestling - open hours & closed times (limited to kids, adults, competitions) - becomes a schoolhouse: kids learn- music, reading, math - wealthy: mini workout facility nudity: - other places: public indecency - depictions of athletes, gods, warriors - associated w/ excellence, convey greatness - pure athletics: competition for own sake - clear winner determined objectively - ex. frisbee - > ultimate frisbee - don’t rely on judges, referees - competitors= knocked unconscious, surrender - isonomia: everybody ought to be treated the same under the law, ignore anything about person - driving force: greek athletics- forum where winner is person who crosses line first - anacharsis: book- conversation b/w Greek & barbarian from Russia who comes to visit Greece, and is bewildered when he comes near a gymnasium & athletics Panhellenic games: - “all greek” competition - compete or watch others - the circuit: at least once a year - 4 games: pythian, nemean, isthmian, olympics- Zeus, at Olympia, prize: wreath of olives - dedicated to a god - every Greek polis signed treaty- don’t harass anyone (i.e. spectator) Layout: - temples - stadium - hippodrome - gymnasium Olympics: - 6th-7th full moon b/c every Greek community had their own calendar - travel time: 1 week - competitor: full citizen of polis, no criminal record Day 1: - worship - big parade- worshippers go to every altar in religious sanctuary, offer sacrifices - bonfire: slaughter animals, eat some, offer some to god Zeus Day 2: - morning: chariot races- hippodrome, 2-4 horse (control, side by side) - stadion (performance space)- 200 yards long - pentathlon: discus, long jump w/ hand-weights, thonged javelin throw - junio
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