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Early Greek Medicine

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

Jan 09 12 Early Greek MedicineMost classicists stay away from this area because it can be strange and hard to deal with The status of doctors then was quite variable and was a lower status job because medicine was much less effective than today Was not as specialized as it is in the modern world There was a large component of ancient thinking about medicine that would be unheard of in todays medical field Asclepius was the god of healing and thus most people did not go directly to doctors when they had a problem but visited mythical healers in the community knew about roots and other herbs For the well to do visits to doctors were more common Most professional doctors looked down upon the root cutters and their magical practicesThe difference for doctors was that they did use some form of science while the healers did notHippocrates of Cos May not be an actual person but there is some evidence A contemporary of SocratesthA physician in the late 5 century BCE who charged a fee for health care One cannot understand the body with understanding the whole world Plato and was very philosophic in nature Much controversy surrounds Hippocrates precise understanding of the nature of the body and diseaseWe have a huge body of material about his system of thought and this is as much of a problem as having too few pieces of informationHippocrates was the idea physician still evoked in medical schools in the vows taken Hippocratic Corpus Numerous writings on the su
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