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The Roman Republic

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

Jan 25 12 The Roman RepublicFrom Monarchy to Republic The last of the kings was Tarquinius Superbus who was portrayed as a tyrannical populist and was expelled near ththe end of the 6 century BC Monarchy was replaced by an elected republican system Some argue that the change was gradual the rex became less important and eventually ceremonial rex sacrorumChronology and Sources Many ancient sources mostly from the late republic and principate both Greek and Roman Roman fasticalendar was with lists of magistratesFasti Capitolini Capitoline Museum RomeBasic Principles The pomeriumthe sacred boundary of the city Within the pomerium was home domus Outside was militia ie the area of military service Implicit in this distinction is a basic view of the world imperiumcommand gentes family or clam groups populuspeople but the words basic sense
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