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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2300
David Lamari

Gladiators part 1 Origins of Gladiators Gladiatorial training paradox -> they love gladiatorial games, but they die. They also use gladiatorial games as motivation to have more courage. A Christian had a dream the night before she got executed, she was in an arena in a gladiatorial combat, and she was a man about to enter the pankration contest. She wanted to be killed publicly with glory. Munera – roman term for gladiatorial combat. Even if its original meaning is “funeral” Origins of Gladiatorial Combat - Campanians, with more evidence. Games were officially held at funerals, the association with death, the human sacrifices were to honour the dead, often important person. It is not clear why the gladiators fight to the death. Games were always held by private people, it is always a private event. A public (even a king) official would have to do it with their private name. Reasons for Munera 1) Virtus – arête – excellence – manliness, courageous in battle, a good father. Romans encouraged one-on-one fighting. 2) Humiliation – forcing enemies to fight in these battles for Roman citizens to watch. (entertainment) 3) Catharsis – purification – confrontation of death, cleanses them of improper and irrational fear of death. 4) Habituation – To compete in public for prizes 5) **The Emperors – under Augustu
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