Lecture 2, Part 2 - The Tragedy of Crime

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2301A/B
Randall Pogorzelski

Lecture 2Tragedy of Crime Part 2 The Libation Bearers y Clytemnestra masculinizes herself by killing and feminizing Agamemnon but acts more feminine when ending the violence y Prayer Electra is told to make is to placate the people who killed him o Can pray for vengeance for the killers of her father her mother Clytemnestra and Aegisthus o Is it right to take vengeance y Dracos Law of Homicide o Doesnt focus on the initial act of murder more on the act of vengeance o Shouldnt kill someone in vengeance then you are liable for murder o More about stopping the cycle of violence o Oresteia about the origin of this law o Not wrong in the gods eyes to take vengeance o Also states that if you kill a man for catching him sleeping with your wife you are not liable o Also allows to kill someone for essentially road rage because you cannot control your emotions y Furies a group of goddesses from the underworld who call for vengeance o Later become the Eumenides o Vengeance is the only option o Specific to vengeance that happens w
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