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Lecture 9

Classical Studies 2440A/B Lecture 9: 2440 - Lecture 9

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2440A/B

2440 – October 2, 2014 Lecture 9  Memnon's death in June 333  While settled in Tarsus,Alex sends out patrols and finds Persians due east of him  His army is split into two, and Darius decides to deal with them individually  As he heads north, Darius just missed him by a few hours, bad luck  Reiteration of portrayal of Darius as a coward by the Greeks  Modern day suggests that Pinarus river was actually the Payas river  but this would mean that the river had rocks and cliffs  impossible to traverse on horseback, suggestsAlex fought on food: IMPOSSIBLE  Battle of Issus was relatively standard  Alex lead the companion cavalry on the right wing  When there's no doubt as to loss of the battle, Darius turns and flees  Darius fled all the way to the Euphrates river  Alex then plundered 3000 talents in gold from Darius' base camp  Immediate family of Darius was also captured, treated with respect  Persian fleet still operational, majority of forces still intact;Alex continues port campaign  Darius offers peace terms: all ofAsia minor, cash, in return for getting his family back  Alex responds rudely, thinks of himself as the King ofAsia  intended to antagonize Darius into another decisive battle  Antigonus, a general under Philip, founds theAntigonid Dynasty  had a son, Demetrius Poliocrates, a siege engineer  was satrap ofAsia, but had a lot of pacification to do  Parmenion watched over Alex's spoils of war, had tons of precious metals (literally) Siege of Tyre  Heracles was supposed to be an ancestor ofAlex  wanted to make a sacrifice in Tyrian temple  Originally started off as a fortress town on a rocky
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