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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2700A/B
Les Murison

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October 1 2013 -main axis was cardo Maximus (north/south – was a main street) and decumanus Maximus (east/west – was road in a Roman city, military camp on colonia, usually the largest roads in rome)…these made centration squares and were main guidelines -this was probably done after 200BC and is still used in modern day -main instrument used by romans groma –the surveyors we gromatiki (groma guys/people) - the groma was used to measure right-angles very easily -the groma had 10 foot measuring poles that were used and land was measured out actus by actus (120 roman feet). The measurement we used to make squares and in any one job two gromas were used for right angle sightings. The basic square layouts were similar to what was practiced in the roman religious, which was the practice of Augury (the flight of birds). -auguring – they would usually mark the world out in square (they would look to the west, and they would say “right, left, right etc.” and make imaginary squares. The first line sighted would be the decamanus which would be the main line and then they would lay out the hinge (cardo). At this place they would put a centuriation stone – the stone markers (too heavy and difficult to made) were used but it was more often than not wooden markers -when numbering in surveys (surveying done by military) we don’t know if pieces of land or streets are numbered…but was can assume that the numbers were for roads -limits were the boundaries to each century -once a survey was complete there was another task, this was the allocation of land to settlers, land grants and then recorded (public record office in Rome). In period of Augustas, land was given to a settler and each century was broken into three parts -finally the surveyors took the settlers to the land and showed them the boundaries NEXT LECTUR
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