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Classical Studies
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Classical Studies 2700A/B
Les Murison

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September 17 2013 Stone -Old stone age – food gatherers -we have working stone techniques which go along with human evolution -paleolithic age (oldest stone age) -homonid (human) – something that looks human but isn’t really human. We have Australopithecina who produced homo habilis (around 2.5 million year) -Lower Paleolithic - homo erectus (upright walking person) 1.5 million years ago, we have cultures here and core tools aka stone tools. It’s basically banging two rocks together to make things. At some point they found out that certain rocks break better than others and with lines of cleavage we have clean breaks. FLINT BREAKS THE BEST – this was used the most -we have this culture (named after French places) – Acheulean – flattened pair hand axe, thin at top and wide at bottom -middle paleothic age (neodertal) – they make flake tools. By pressing the flint onto the rock and waiting for it. Used to take small flakes off. Spear points and scrapes. At this point we have clothes a
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