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Lesson 3 Lecture Notes

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Denominative Verbs Verbs taken from nouns or adjectives • For example: microwave • close (clohss, cloze); abuse (abyoos, abyuze) • combine vs. combine: defect vs. defect • perfume (perfume vs. perfume) • police vs. police Denominate Verbs: -ate • to make. to - (cf. ize) • In Latin, add -a, -ate to the end • ex. nomin - "name", nomina- nominat- nominate • ex. assassin: assassina- assassinat - assassinate ex. Defoliant (5 A. 6) • De-foli-ant: down - leaf - ing - If you don't see a verb and the letter between the two parts is an A, insert a verb like make. This would become making leaves come down. Defolia- and defoliate are the same. • de. < L. down • foli- < L. leaf • -a- < L. to make • nt < L. ing ex. Domin-ant (king-ing?) - insert a verb because there is an A between the noun and the suffix. This would become acting king. ex. Undulant - Undu-wave ant - ing. Insert a verb - making waves. Undula- and undulate are the same. Avoidance of Hiatus: -n and -d • an apple • an adder < a nadder • empt- (to buy) • preemptive - to buy beforehand example when they don't avoid hiatus • redemption - to buy back, added the d Latin > French > English: c > ch What are the typical
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