Computer Science 1033A/B Lecture 2: Compsci 1033 Lecture 2: Multimedia Overview

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Computer Science
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Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopolous

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Lecture 2: MultiMedia Overview  What is multimedia? We explore multimedia components like texts, images, animation, sound video with communications by effectively communicating a message (clear, exact, professional and to make an impression).  Five senses are mechanisms to communicate with others and our environment.  Most important sense with the internet: 1. Visual appeal -Images -Animation -Video 2. Sound -Sets  Definition: Multimedia is everything you hear and see. The five components of sense, we put that together to provide information to people.  The world wide web offers: -Accessibility: reaches people all over the world -Is fast -Is cheap -Is directly linked with people --Asia has more internet users compared to the rest of the world depending on its population in comparison to the world. However north America has the highest penetration of the internet. 87.9% of the population in north America has internet. Us- 87.4% and Canada 94.5% on the other hand, Asia is only 40.2% of the penetration. So media and social life is a part of daily lives for most of us in the North America.  Where did multimedia start from? 15,000-13,000 BC= Prehistoric humans paint on the walls of their caves Grotte de Ladcaux, France 1914= Silent movies incorporated multiple media by using film and text caption together. Eg. Charlie Chaplin 1928 = Walt Disney debuts the second short starring a debuts Steamboat Willie, Mickey, and the first cartoon to use synchronized sound. 1928 - 1931 = Movies with sound replace silent movies 1930= Technicolor is introduced in film and most movies are filmed in colour after 1940. 1969- network technology introduced, Arpanet is created 1991- world wide web debuts thanks to TIM BERNERS LEE 1993- first graphical browser is born is called MOSIAC.  Exploring multimedia components 1. Text -Text can be used to serve two purposes: -convey information -visual impact -it can set a mood - It is important to set your text based on your audience
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