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Western University
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Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopoulos

Working with CSS Styles 4/24/2013 6:10:00 PM Lecture 7 Working with CSS Styles  CSS – a collection of formatting rules o Controls the appearance of text and content on webpages o Objective is consistency of appearance across pages in a site o Can store CSS styles in:  Each webpage  External style sheets Style Selector Types  Tag (Type) – h1, , , , o Redefining (overriding default) the formatting characteristics/attributes for a particular HTML tag  Class – must begin with a period (.) o Create a customized style with a set of attributes without affecting HTML tags o Can be applied to any elements on webpage o Can be used repeatedly within the page or across the entire site (if they're in an external stylesheet)  ID – must begin with a number sign (#) o Identifies an element that can only be used once in a webpage o It is a “unique” identifier to an element o Like person’s identification (ID) – unique to one person o IDs most commonly used for layouts:  One banner per page (#header)  One footer per page (#footer) o 2 steps to set up layout – create and assign  Step 1: create the unique identifier using box model approach  Insert > Layout Objects > Div Tag, enter an ID selector name  Step 2: assign the attributes to the ID selector  Can click New CSS Rule, Format > CSS Styles > New Rule or from CSS panel, click on icon  Compound – combination of tags o Also known as contextual selectors, or advanced selectors in older versions of Dreamweaver o Controls:
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