Computer Science 1033A/B Lecture Notes - Digital Media Player, Sorenson Media, Progressive Download

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computer science lecture november 29, 2010
Video II
Compression Concepts
-Spatial Compression:
-Compress each frame individually
-Uses the same techniques as JPG compression
-Codecs that do spatial compression are: Animation, PlanarRGB
-Temporal Compression:
-Just saves info on selected frames (called keyframes)
-All other frames just save the difference between current frame and
keyframe is small
-Codecs using temporal compression are: Sorenson Video, H.264
-Container File Format: A file format that stores both the data (frames)
and how to play the data (which codec use)
-Some common containers:
-avi: sometimes has uncompressed videeo, just depends
-flv (swf is not a container file format.)
-mkv (newest and open source. Allows you to store unlimited number
of audio and video tracks. (english/spanish/french all in one avi file.)
-Newer container formats support subtitles, chapters. Why can your
computer sometimes play one avi file but not another one?
-One was built for the codec your computer does have, the other is
built for a codec your computer doesn’t have.
-Digital Media Player: a piece of software that will play multimedia files
(audio or video).
-Most players will play a variety of file formats: ◦
-Windows Media Player (bundled with Windows 7). Some Features (e.g.
supports streaming)
-Windows Media Player Question:What is the Apple version of
Windows Media Player for playing video files?
- Question:What is the Apple software developed for playing audio
- Question: Can anyone name another player?
-RealPlayer, VLC
Three Ways of Getting Video to Computer
-Need to know what streaming is for exam*
-Three ways of getting video to computer: download, progressive download,
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