Computer Science 1033A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Clip Art, Octal, Cmyk Color Model

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Lecture 3: Intro to Graphics
We rely on images for information, explanations, and entertainment
Visual Appeal- professional layout
Non digital medium - paper copy of a photo
oScanner saves the image on a file on computer
Outside world- photography
oDigital images uploaded to a file on your computer
Create image- clip art images/scenes
oSaves image to a file
How does a computer represent number words images and sound?
It only understand/speak "Binary" (digits 0 and 1)
Everything gets transferred into binary
Process of translating a piece of into binary bits (binary digit)
Bit is the fundamental unit of information in a computer system
Computers built from electronic devices that have only two states: ON (high) and OFF
Electrical signals turn into bits
Conversion from analog to digital
Numbering system
Binary- 2 Binary digits/bits
Octal- 8 digits; 8 number values
Decimal- 10 digits
Hexadecimal- 16 digits
Measurement for each bit is based on binary system (base 2)
o2 to the power of bit #= number of combination
Ex. 4 bits--> 24=16 variations
oX bits 2x=y values
Rule: More bits, more colours available to assign to a pixel
Digitizing: Converting Analog to Digital
2 step process:
Consider digitizing an image, sound, video, animation, text etc… and store on
1. Sampling: how often do I take a sample (measurement) to represent the "thing"
oWhen images taken form scanner, digital camera, graphics application
are stored on computer
oRepresented by a grid (column/rows) of squares called pixels (Picture
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