A is for Animals - September 12

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Western University
Comparative Literature and Culture
Comparative Literature and Culture 2125A/B
Calin- Andrei Mihailescu

1023 – September 12, 2012 A is for animals Michel Foucault Sigmund Freud – creator of psychoanalysis Charles Darwin – natural selection, evolution of the species Karl Marx – Marxism, Communist Manifesto, class struggle Friedrich Nietzsche Animal vs. social – animal comes from latin word ‘anima’ “that which is animated, that which has a soul” - 3 orders of organic matter o vegetal (doesn’t have a soul) o animals (that which has a soul) - Aristotle describes humans as a social animal - Some were “more human” – Athenian men (smart, civilized etc.) - Distinction between social and animal is “floating”, cannot be defined, changing constantly - Humans must find a balance between social and animal (following rules or breaking them) - Balance social and animal without becoming a control freak Desire - psychological energy which drives us on - without desire life is boring - in animals we call desire instinct o kill smaller animals, run from large animals, mate with similar animals - most things we do in life are to quench desire - after sex, every single animal is sad - sex turns desire into negativity - western culture is different because of how intense our desire is – more primitive Appeal Consummation Exhaustion - not the end of desire - means the end of possibility Procreation/recreation - Saint Paul says be monogamous and only have sex to procreate - Said sex should not be enjoyed - Anarchism of sex = only going to have it as recreational Mystery-bliss-misery Violence Sexuality and the animal - centaur = classic representation of animal and man - the i
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