120 Days of Sodom

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Comparative Literature and Culture
Comparative Literature and Culture 2125A/B

MARQUIS DE SADE120 DAYS OF SODOMDIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT 32C INC supervertcomp 3TOPTOC34INTRODUCTIONThe extensive wars wherewith Louis XIV was burdened during his reign while draining theStates treasury and exhausting the substance of the people none the less contained the secretthat led to the prosperity of a swarm of those bloodsuckers who are always on the watch forpublic calamities which instead of appeasing they promote or invent so as precisely to be ableto profit from them the more advantageously The end of this so very sublime reign was perhapsone of the periods in the history of the French Empire when one saw the emergence of thegreatest number of these mysterious fortunes whose origins are as obscure as the lust anddebauchery that accompany them It was toward the close of this period and not long before theRegent sought by means of the famous tribunal which goes under the name of the Chambre deJustice to flush this multitude of traffickers that four of them conceived the idea for the singularrevels whereof we are going to give an account One must not suppose that it was exclusively thelowborn and vulgar sort which did this swindling gentlemen of the highest note led the pack TheDuc de Blangis and his brother the Bishop of X each of whom had thuswise amassedimmense fortunes are in themselves solid proof that like the others the nobility neglected noopportunities to take this road to wealth These two illustrious figures through their pleasures andbusiness closely associated with the celebrated Durcet and the Prsident de Curval were the firstto hit upon the debauch we propose to chronicle and having communicated the scheme to theirtwo friends all four agreed to assume the major roles in these unusual orgiesFor above six years these four libertines kindred through their wealth and tastes had thought tostrengthen their ties by means of alliances in which debauchery had by far a heavier part thanany of the other motives that ordinarily serve as a basis for such bonds What they arranged wasas follows the Duc de Blangis thrice a widower and sire of two daughters one wife had givenhim having noticed that the Prsident de Curval appeared interested in marrying the elder ofthese girls despite the familiarities he knew perfectly well her father had indulged in with her theDuc I say suddenly conceived the idea of a triple allianceYou want Julie for your wife said he to Curval I give her to you unhesitatingly and put but onecondition to the match that youll not be jealous when although your wife she continues to showme the same complaisance she always has in the past what is more Id have you lend yourvoice to mine in persuading our good Durcet to give me his daughter Constance for whom Imust confess I have developed roughly the same feelings you have formed for JulieBut said Curval you are surely aware that Durcet just as libertine as youTOPTOC34MARQUIS DE SADE120 DAYS OF SODOMDIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT 32C INC supervertcom p 3MARQUIS DE SADE120 DAYS OF SODOMDIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT 32C INC supervertcomp 4TOPTOC34I know all thats to be known the Duc rejoined In this age and with our manner of thinking isone halted by such things do you think I seek a wife in order to have a mistress I want a wifethat my whims may be served I want her to veil to cover an infinite number of little secretdebauches the cloak of marriage wonderfully conceals In a word I want her for the reasons youwant my daughterdo you fancy I am ignorant of your object and desires We libertines wedwomen to hold slaves as wives they are rendered more submissive than mistresses and youknow the value we set upon despotism in the joys we pursueIt was at this point Durcet entered His two friends related their conversation and delighted by anoverture which promptly induced him to avow the sentiments he too had conceived for Adelaidethe Prsidents Durcet accepted the Duc as his soninlaw provided he might become CurvalsThe three marriages were speedily concluded the dowries were immense the wedding contractsidenticalNo less culpable than his two colleagues the Prsident had admitted to Durcet who betrayed nodispleasure upon learning it that he maintained a little clandestine commerce with his owndaughter the three fathers each wishing not only to preserve his rights but noticing here thepossibility of extending them commonly agreed that the three young ladies bound to theirhusbands by goods and homes only would not in body belong more to one than to any of themand the severest punishments were prescribed for her who should take it into her head not tocomply with any of the conditions whereunto she was subjectThey were on the eve of realizing their plan when the Bishop of X already closebound throughpleasure shared with his brothers two friends proposed contributing a fourth element to thealliance should the other three gentlemen consent to his participation in the affair This elementthe Ducs second daughter and hence the Bishops niece was already more thoroughly hisproperty than was generally imagined He had effected connections with his sisterinlaw and thetwo brothers knew beyond all shadow of doubt that the existence of this maiden who was calledAline was far more accurately to be ascribed to the Bishop than to the Duc the former who fromthe time she left the cradle had taken the girl into his keeping had not as one may well supposestood idle as the years brought her charms to flower And so upon this head he was hiscolleagues equal and the article he offered to put on the market was in an equal degreedamaged or degraded but as Alines attractions and tender youth outshone even those of herthree companions she was unhesitatingly made a part of the bargain As had the other three theBishop yielded her up but retained the rights to her use and so each of our four characters thusfound himself husband to four wives Thus there resulted an arrangement which for the readersconvenience we shall recapitulateTOPTOC34MARQUIS DE SADE120 DAYS OF SODOMDIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT 32C INC supervertcom p 4MARQUIS DE SADE120 DAYS OF SODOMDIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT 32C INC supervertcomp 5TOPTOC34The Duc Julies father became the husband of Constance Durcets daughterDurcet Constances father became the husband of Adelaide the Prsidents daughterThe Prsident Adelaides father became the husband of Julie the Ducs elder daughterAnd the Bishop Alines uncle and father became the husband of the other three females byceding this same Aline to his friends the while retaining the same rights over herIt was at a superb estate of the Duc situated in the Bourbonnais that these happy matches weremade and I leave to the reader to fancy how they were consummated and in what orgies obligedas we are to describe others we shall forego the pleasure of picturing theseUpon their return to Paris our four friends association became only the firmer and as our nexttask is to make the reader familiar with them before proceeding to individual and more searchingdevelopments a few details of their lubricious arrangements will serve it seems to me to shed apreliminary light upon the character of these debaucheesThe society had created a common fund which each of its members took his turn administeringfor six months the sums allocated for nothing but expenses in the interests of pleasure werevast Their excessive wealth put the most unusual things within their reach and the reader oughtnot be surprised to hear that two million were annually disbursed to obtain good cheer and lustssatisfactionFour accomplished procuresses to recruit women and a similar number of pimps to scout outmen had the sole duty to range both the capital and the provinces and bring back everything inthe one gender and in the other that could best satisfy their sensualitys demands Four supperparties were held regularly every week in four different country houses located at four extremitiesof Paris At the first of these gatherings the one exclusively given over to the pleasures ofsodomy only men were present there would always be at hand sixteen young men ranging inage from twenty to thirty whose immense faculties permitted our four heroes in feminine guiseto taste the most agreeable delights The youths were selected solely upon the basis of the sizeof their member and it almost became necessary that this superb limb be of such magnificencethat it could never have penetrated any woman this was an essential clause and as naught wasspared by way of expense only very rarely would it fail to be fulfilled But simultaneously tosample every pleasure to these sixteen husbands was joined the same quantity of boys muchyounger whose purpose was to assume the office of women These lads were from twelve toTOPTOC34MARQUIS DE SADE120 DAYS OF SODOMDIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT 32C INC supervertcom p 5
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