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Comparative Literature and Culture
Comparative Literature and Culture 2125A/B
Prof Calin

B is for Brothers and Sisters *focus is on "Genesis 1-4" (A158-162) Genesis p. 158-162  Man wrote it, it’s a text  Part of Hebrew bible  Adam is created twice Creates man and woman Creates Adam > specifically how man was made  2 competing views of creation "J" - yahweh view "P" - priestly view  Those stories eliminated from the bible are called APOCRYPHAL > not sacred, not legitimized by God  4 gospels in Bible, 41 apocryphal gospels  Deuteronomy, leviticus, and "E" version  In Hebrew bible, to know, is to challenge the God  Adam and Eve discover sexuality > 1st sin , God made them guilty o Ate from the tree of life (apple) > first temptation o Innocence/unknowing until tempted by the serpent, then once they eat the fruit > their eyes are opened, and they have knowledge  Bible is an explanatory book, but in its own terms  Infinite souls, and finite bodies o Diminishes fear of death (our soul survives on) o Marketing strategy for the Christian faith o Hell  All humans guilty of Adam/Eves original sin o Dominated by guilt o "to have an infinite guilt/debt to God, you need an infinite soul" > idea of Friedrich Neitzsche  Monotheistic religions > one supreme God o Moses - Mosaism , Torah o Christianity - Jesus Christ o Islamism  Relationship between sex and monotheism are very charged  What kind of taboos originated from original sin?  To be ashamed, is to be guilty ? Torah translated from Hebrew to Greek  Pentateuch : "the five books"  Available before Christianity  72 translators, all came up with 72 exact translations : believed that the Holy Ghost was writing through them to make the perfect translation  Eve picks the apple (because the story was written by men, most of the blame was put on Eve)  Monotheism - great fear of female sexuality  power of man over the woman  PHALLOCENTRIC : "phallo" = penis, "centric" = centered > women must follow the men  PHALLIOGOCENTRIC > domination of the phallus (penis)  Women are said to be unholy, weak and closer to nature, therefore more wild  Men put taboos on women  Give rules (how cultures are defined), and an inferiority complex  They attempt to remove fear (its easier to teach via fear and guilt)  Dominant elements of civilization  Taboo: an interdiction  Taboos are not only linquistic  Nickname : "Nick" is a name for the devil  The unholy name of an individual, not the name the Church recognizes you by Myth:  A traditional story, involving supernatural beings or forces, which embodies and provides an explanation, actiology, or justification for something such as the early history of a society, a religious belief or ritual, natural phenomenon  Widespread but untrue or erroneous story or belief  Veda: sacred
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