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Lecture 6

Digital Communication 2002A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Cyberfeminism, Culture Jamming, Reverse EngineeringPremium

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Digital Communication
Course Code
Digital Communication 2002A/B
Andie Shabbar

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Digi Comm 2002: Virtual Worlds
Lecture 6: Wednesday, February 28th 2018
From Activism to Hacktivism
Anonymous Documentary: How They Changed The World
Believe hacking is standing up for freedom of speech and no censorship online
Do not show faces or give aes eause they speak as oe, its a olletive effot
Anonymous grew out of a 4chan: essentially a place where people can upload posts,
photos on a website with no attached name. Many categories from auto, anime, etc
/b/ another website similar, but the idea is post soethig that a eve e usee
they are very uncomfortable, vial, disgusting
4chan website: Humor and grotesqueness are favored to keep the site running and
a ee is asially just a idea
Trolling is a fucking art
Hundreds of people swarming the streets, wearing the mask, protesting in many cities
around the world
Gathering happens Nov 4 every year
Anyone can be an anonymous member; it is actually encouraged. Though we have a belief it is a
closed society, this is not true.
About Anon:
4chans raids including Habbo Hotel (2003-2007)
Westbro Baptist Church
Paypal, Mastercard, visa
Encyclopedia Drmatica (2004-present)
Project Chanoogy 2008
Operation Payback 2010
Occupy Wall Street 2011
Million Mask March Protest 2013
Operation ferguson 2014
Operation KKK 2014
#OpParis 2015
Trump hacks 2017
Tensions: ideas of hackers vs hacktivism
Idealism vs Nihilism
Utopian vs Dystopian
Individual vs Collective
find more resources at
find more resources at
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