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English 1027F/G Dracula Lectures.docx

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Western University
English 1027F/G
Tim De Jong

1027F Dracula Lectures Backstory/ Origins of Novel Origin of Vampire in Brit Lit: 1819: John Polidori wrote The Vampire 1897: Stoker published Dracula In Victorian Era  More urban area  Increased belief in science  Waning of religion  Tension between romantic and rational values Stoker in Victorian Era: Gothic tradition  Supernatural: religion  Female Imperil (in distress)  Setting  Mood is really important to the Gothic Tradition  *mood is always one of heightened emotion  “Flannery O’ Conner on the Gothic of Fiction” Stoker’s Dracula Themes  Gender and sexuality o Mina and Lucy  Link between fear and desire Father Figures: Van Helsing vs Dracula  They are considered spiritual father figures Van Helsing  VH is never considered a love interest in the novel  Very paternal in his language towards all of them o Pg 131/116 “my child” to Arthur o Pg 310 “my child” to Mina  Represents symbolic fatherhood to the characters Dracula  Pg 294 “flesh of my flesh..”  Being married and of his loins at the same time  Taboo meaning deliberately crossed  From Bite (of his loins) to vamp represents the transitional relationship Dracula’s victims face; from a sensual and desirous one with the erotic notion of the bit to a kinship because he is the one who turns them into a vampire, in this way he is 1027F Dracula Lectures there father and finally to a marital one when they are fully vampires and can no longer be bitten they can never be bitten again, they are now equal with him. Dracula blurs the boundaries  Between life and death  Male and female distinction  British and foreigner British and Foreigner  East to west contrast  Pg 1 “I feare
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