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English 2017
Joel Faflak

The Culture of Leadership: Shakespeare, Henry V Renaissance: shakespeares era (birth of modernity) - a rebirth of thinking of what man is capable of - the human is the most important aspect of the world - the paradox from the prints acabelis : a leader who has to maintain control, order peace on behalf of his citizens - his passages about the military leader, reflecting on his own internal ability to be a leader (self reflection) - human nature becomes a central aspect for thinking about leaders: we have the idea of the philosopher(abstract though), henry the V is inward(how they think about there own internal capacity) - you never see a leader reflect on his own struggles and capabilities to being a leader: there is a particular aspect, that therefore confronts his internal doubts (mythical level in giglamesh), something they are not self aware of - his role as the leader privately and publicly, internal and external struggle - a leader who is aware of the fact he has to set aside his internal doubts, and erect a fersod - his worrying about what people think about him (public image) - the paradox: he knows he is constructing an image of himself, that it is all a game, but yet the show and game is uterallly real, (even a further paradox) as long as you act like you care about the people is crucial, - Harold Bloom: wrote on Shakespeare, he says that’s shakspeare invents the human for us, he shows us how we are human for the first time ex. Hamlet - Elizabethian world oder, a govern by the great chain of being - The Great Chain of Being - the ladder or stairway of nature - what makes this count, what do you notice about it: it evokes an idea of balance, there is a clear scale of things (high and low), god is obvioucly in the absolute extreme position, he over powers everyone, its is also a scale for distinctions of what is lesser and what is greater, higher and lower forms of being - going from absolute darkness to absolute life - a world of order: one knows exactly where one fits in this order - the anchor of it is man itself - it is a natural illumination, it looks organic like a tree, so one does not question the order of things - it would be chaos if anyone wouldn’t believe in it - you needed the sense of absolute order in order to keep the wordl together Machiavelli, The Prince: central text for leaders - after his realse he became friends with someone who gave him back to power - he wrote a guide book to orchestrate what qualities a leadership should have - it evokes that the ruler in as diplomat, strategist, survivor, the qualities a prince should have it is a cynical texts - it not about how the leader cares for his people, its about how he simulates that leadership - it is how to act like a proper prince - there doesn’t have to be anything about his generosity as a leader - he has to secure three things: o power: he has to use power to rule over his state, mans life is nasty brutish and short, therefore we need order - quote one: he brings his population into submission, sometimes cruelty is necessary, in order to bring peace to the state - quote two: the great chain of being, the ruler has to adopt an internal monitor of how he is, cruel but not too cruel, merciful but not too merciful - quote3: the key aspect of leadership, its ok not to be loved, its not ok to be hated, to be civil or respectful. Social stability: I’m doing this for your own good - quote 4: a leader cannot show what is always on his mind, he should maintain a way to not look like a man who would be fooled, he shouldn’t look like he thinks twice of what
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