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Lecture 3

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English 2017
Nigel Joseph

Lecture 3 9/16/2013 7:30:00 AM  What are the criteria that makes something high culture or low culture?  English class  morality  accessibility o if it’s inaccessible its high culture? Eg. Shakespeare is hard to read, the text is old  age  subject matter  Usually more depth to high class, it’s harder to get  High culture has become more accessible like through media and arts  Definition of high culture is constantly changing – in their day they weren’t high culture Cultural Capital  Power now is the ability to relate to a wide variety of people  To have a certain power in a certain group of people you have to watch the same things they do, enjoy they same things they do and talk about the same things in the same way The capital of cool  What kind of stuff do you talk about at a party? What makes you an interesting person?  21 year old blieber?  You talk about what your group talks about  The skills and advantages you're given, social mobility Culture and global capitalism  in the adorno article he talks about how pop culture is part of the capitalist system  Were in the area of global capitalism  How does pop culture that surrounds us relate to global capitalism?  Adorno says that pop culture makes us want to consume and not think about bigger social issues  Just because you enjoy some pop culture doesn’t mean you embrace those things, we can analyze things without partaking into the consumerist lifestyle that is pushing on you  There's a lot you can get out of it without embracing the consumerist lifestyle  The way you shape your identity is still be shaped around a consumerist lifestyle even if you’re trying to reject it, ie. Not be mainstream – you’re still buying into a consumerist lifestyle Guilty Pleasures  Easy to consume eg. True blood  Should there even by guilty pleasures? Should you just enjoy what you like?  Should you be exposed to everything?  Enjoy both high and low culture Mark these passages:  Page 4 – 100 in the original text, about halfway down there’s a passage “the power of industrial society is imprinted on people once and for all, the products…the leisure time which resembles it”  Page 6 – 104 of original, “Early by subordinating all levels…”  page 8  Adorno is venting  He's the first one to make this argument, pop culture in alliance with culturism, he also said it’s shallow and incapable of stimulating fresh thought  Arnold argued pop culture was anarchy, threat to political liberalism. Adorno said no, it’s not going to destroy the system it’s going to solidify it  He said culture today is infecting everything with sameness  Each branch of culture is unanimous within its self and all are unanimous together o Eg. Music in music videos o pop culture is integrated  Adorno says it’s not true that pop culture is responding to our needs, it’s more like a drug. It’s inflicted on us and then we become addicted  Useful for critique of advertising – not really products we need  Manipulated into feeling need  Adorno – sameness masquerades difference  May be some minor differences but essentially the same  illusion of freedom  May be too much of a generalization  Adorno is ranting – he’s excessive  Formula pattern of film, songs (pg98)  His is not calculated to arouse intelligence to make you think  There’s a lot of formulae production in music and film  Film is blurring line between reality and film  People jumping from balcony’s because they think their like spiderman  Adorno says that film is so powerful that it becomes more real than life it’s self  You’re spending several hours every week watching violence, sex, people speaking in certain ways – not sure this actually spills over into real life  Adorno is missing the fact that especially with adult populations were good at switching off and bracketing the world of fantasy  He’s making a criticism that works to some extent with young people, and sometimes in the third world  Seems to be linked to class and economy – if you’re well off and educated you seem to behave better at not letting fantasy effect your life  Adorno says film blocks your imagination because it gives you the entire scenario ready made, don’t have to speculate on what the characters look like etc.  The film is so powerful you’re being hit with huge images on a big screen that you’re critical or imagination doesn’t kick in  when you're reading a book you're thinking she looks like this etc.  Movie gives you ready made visual images and sounds  Adorno’s argument is somewhat biased because of the time he was writing it, at that time it was a social ritual for the whole family to g
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