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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

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English 2033 – Feb. 26 Treasure Seekers  Realist tradition  The children spend a lot of time reading in the novel itself - The children enjoy reading: Jungle Book, Kipling  Good hunting: this is quote from the book Jungle Book  Reading forms friendships between friends and even adults  By identifying the references of the book between friends, it enhances the bond between them (Social relationships)  Albert is not able play properly with his friends because he has not read many books  He is essentially unable to understand the references within the books - Reading creates a community and a social bond - The reader is seen as a player and if a character is not reading, then he/she is not able to play well or correctly - Chapter 3: Sherlock Holmes, Yellow coloured books with pictures outside  The children also criticize the writing within the books; they will read all books regardless of literary quality - In books, if there is a light on for several days; there is essentially something wrong, but in real life, the situation is not as drastic  Allusion to real life - Adults who are writers are able to communicate with children better than adults who are not writers - Oswald likes action in the novels and less conversation  This foreshadows to the audience what type of book this is going to be - The bragging, first person and other things indicate that it is Oswald who is writing this book - He is the narrator who refers to the audience as equals - Since the author is E. Nesbit, it is almost like he is writing it in a child’s point of view  The audience already knew who the narrator is from the very beginning, it is as if E. Nesbit is trying to trick the audience but the joke is on him - Mrs. Leslie is a writer and hands a poem to Oswald and this creates a bond between them  The children in the book are very gullible, innocent and have not developed that
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