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Peter Pan

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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

st Children’s Lit – Nov 21 Peter Pan - Captain Hook – rule breaker – literary rules – not acting like a white man should, breaking precedents for how warfare should operate - Barrie breaks literary rules by having fantasy and reality intermixed - Rule breaking central to cautionary tale tradition and adventure tradition - The rule breaking in the book doesn’t really have a moral implication - Neverland is a place of pretend – redskins and lost boys can switch in the middle of the battle - Rules of pretend can change along the way – one child gives a suggestion and the others fall in line - Once the lost boys beat the pirates, they become like pirates themselves (similar things happen to the gentlemen when they beat the pirates in Treasure Island) - Rule breaking treated with a lot of sympathy - Mostly an external (third person omniscient) narrator, but also uses “I” often and has opinions/feelings - Breaking the rules of traditional narration - Sometimes has the ability not only to describe but to influence the events of the story – flips a coin and makes up his mind as to what adventure the children have to tell about - Corresponds to moment in the play when audience can clap for different adventures – breaking the fourth wall - The narrator is showing off that he is in control - We are being shown the artifice, forced to think about the role the narrator plays in the unfolding of the story - Considers telling Mrs. Darling that the children are going to come home - I
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