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She Stoops to Conquer

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English 2307E
James Doleman

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She Stoops to Conquer – Thursday, January 16 2014 th Mr. Hardcastle (squire – dominant landowning individual, leading figure in the rural neighborhood – known for being interested in hunting and countryside tradition) ­ Nostalgic (reliving battles and historical events) – stuck in the past ­ Brash, opinionated, good-humored Kate Hardcastle – compelled to play two different roles between her father and Marlowe - (witty and virtuous heroine & mellow and attractive servant) – both roles are marked by her wit and vivaciousness – mastery in both conversations – embodies both country and city – desires the city fashion (fault in her mother, embraced by her) - half the country innocent figure – wise enough to keep Marlowe at bay Marlowe – knows decadent women of the town, elite (party) women but none that are no better then he should be where he can be himself, two types into one character – the sentimental man/man of feeling Mrs. Hardcastle – shrewd wife, who longs for city life – meant to be the butt of jokes because of her pretention – audience is encouraged to poke fun/laugh at her Tony – trickster figure, creates chaos, the natural: figure, who has no sense of cultural development, simply is what he is by nature ­ Satire: grammatical comedy that occasionally has satiric dimension (Oration, Satire) ­ Folly: foolish behavior, potential vice in Marlow (considering taking advantage of the barmaid) – even with the folly the ridiculing is very rarely applied ­ Much of the play we are invited to smile at the folly (Shakespearian) ­
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