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Lecture 008 - Emerson

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

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Lecture 008October 12 2011Emerson NatureEmersons essay on metaphysicsAmerican sense of looking at the world in a new light like the eyes of a childdominant metaphor in the sense of American visionRejection of the old world rejection of the past a sense of the past history tradition can be discarded at willAmerican vision tends to be futureoriented inventive eyes of the child will not see something for its intended purpose and think of a way to use it in a way not thought possibleFor Emerson the real world is only a sign a presence of the spiritual world and the sense behind itEmersons thinking is very much platonic sees the physical reality as a presence of the spiritual realityInterested in material physical sensory appeal of nature nature is available for human use Emerson passes this over as the lowest level of consideration Emers
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