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Lecture 020 - Moby Dick

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 020Moby DickNovember 23 2011Cetology zoological classification and study of the properties of whalescalculated endingMelville aware of measured time debate Calculating all the dates mentioned from the Old Testament Looks to the future of whales questions the extinction of the whaleIssue of extinction and depredation of nature goes against Emerson confidence that nature reduces itself and cannot be depleted Melville is operating on two different levels mythic level and economic realismSimilar to Captain Ahab mythic iconic in American imagination yetonly occupies 2533 of the pages of the book Introduced as a suffering character one who carries the weight of the world with himAhab given this mythic slayer of monsters characterization at beginning although we know this isnt terribly effectiveEnd of masthead chapter p 136Platonists atop the mastheadfall into ocean from philosophizing Introducing Ahab as a Shakespearean tragic hero Enter Ahab and all build Ahab up as thisMelvilles method here is multiple Ahab is Byronic tragic hero etcToo many allusionsdont know which to follow Melvilles device is to use them allIn this scene in which Melville dramatizes very closely Melville is magnifying this and it is at
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