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Lecture 024 - Henry James

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English 3667F/G
Stephen Adams

Lecture 024Henry James December 7 2011Daisy MillerDramatizing showing rather than telling James is already refining the art of stepping back and letting the dialogue take its course this puts the reader in a position to see the cultural expectations and see them on both sidesyou have to see what Daisy is seeing what Mrs Walker is see and judge the mismatchSexual misconductIs Daisy Miller a sexual predator How do we know how are these affairs conductedFirst and last paragraph of the story gives us a hint of Winterbournes experience looking for a categorywould an American gentleman look for a category No they judge individually not in terms of class o Language cueP 351available in one way not available in anotherNever see Daisy apart from Winterbourne always through his eyesthen presents self as a testMajor characters defined by their associates Randolph is a representation of how Americans bring up their children by European standards they donto Bad teeth poking stick lack of sleeping out of control no governess while travelingmark of laissezfaire child raisingSex does not enter into the equation Dais
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