English 1022E Lecture Notes - Hollaback Girl, Galoshes

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16 Nov 2011
english lecture september 24
“The Dead” by James Joyce
Aunt Kate and Julia were alive, but now they’ve become stuck in a pattern.
Giving women no gender by using words like ‘flaccid, nut’ etc.
Mechanical and repetitive culture
Three Graces (youthful wisdom):
Venus (love)
Juno (power)
Pallas (wisdom)
Freddy Malins
Broke pledge not to drink over Christmas
Like a robot/machine (p.2513 described with “mechanically)
Mr. Browne (the e makes him pretentious)
Represents paralyzing ‘brownness’ England has on Ireland.
Obnoxious, excessively polite, attentive and creepy
England is taking hold of good young creative people (when he takes away
the 3 young ladies)
Represents the British presence in Ireland. As long as he’s there, there will
be no rebirth in Ireland.
Sees through Gabriel
Not a hollaback girl YET
More genuine and authentic
Miss Ivors
Sees through Gabriel too
Mr. D’Arcy
Sings Western Irish song
All of these characters ^ make him uncomfortable (Gretta joking about his
galoshes, Miss Ivors accusing him of abandoning Ireland, Lily yelling at him
about the men in Ireland.
The dinner table is a relief map of Ireland
Goose: Gabriel has abandoned Ireland, sold out
Ham: Gabriel. Bad actor, insincere player, phony
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