English 1022E Lecture Notes - Eurocentrism, Liberal Democracy

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16 Nov 2012
Native Sovereignty November 14, 2012
No control to change the rights and prejudices
-tax exemption
-free education
-resource access (ie. unlimited/unlicensed fishing,
hunting, etc.)
Can have special access. (ie seals)
-right to live on the reserve
-proof of status card
-affirmative action/quotas (ie jobs, etc)
-same (mostly) rights all Canadians
-governance rights bands that control
membership, can be given and taken away
Run by federal gov’t
-belief they are inferior/racism
-“everything for FREE” –not true. We also have
free healthcare, etc.
-stereotypes: freeloaders, alcoholism, drug
addiction, criminals media prejudice
-low standard of living/poor conditions
-inequality men and women
-assimilate –“immigrant” –they were here FIRST
-assumption that paternalism is optimal
-lack of respect
Political solutions to solve the above stated problems:
-state: FEDERAL
Thinks they should have their own system
similar to the country
-distinct situation in history
-effective jurisdiction
-acknowledge various political systems/
communities valid
Challenges in a Eurocentric system
-Contradiction with French-Canadian community
-they have PROVINCE (Quebec) to protect
rights, natives do not.
-state: MUNICIPAL (like that of a city)
Realismvery little power
-liberal democracy –individual effort, less gov’t
-only state sovereignty , among states
-same as any other ‘ethnic’ group
Resources, self-determination, power
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