English 2072F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Bottle Cap, Red Bull, Textuality

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March 3rd 2014
English 2062
Lecture 7
Next Week Due
CRITICAL PARAGRAPH: (250 words--one page) Due March 10
Students need to develop a well-organized critical paragraph in response to the following question on Beagle’s novel
The Last Unicorn. Examine one prominent difference between Beagle’s postmodern fairy tale and traditional fairy
tales (Grimm’s fairy tales). The paragraph must be focused, analytical, and clearly written.
Key Terms
Post Modern
Romantic Narrative/Grail
Romance – Lin
Legend – Molly Grue
Reality - Schmendrik
The Last Unicorn
Last unicorn is an other
oUtterly distinct - represents rejuvenation and rebirth
Act of turning a pure innocent being into a human
Romantics were literary and cultural movement from 17th -12th century
oPost romantic movement , people who followed after their ideas
Novel influenced by romantics notion of what a fairy tale “ should be”
oInfluenced by common man
oFolk tales : idealized vision of the way to live
oBelieved in wonderful things happening in life – fairytales represent relationship between mankind nature
oProcess of maturation; Inauthentic self to more authentic self , the movement from a vague notion of self
Grim Brothers  Very Brojwere
Deism : God is the perfect watchmaker
Romantics believed god was a presence but people were directly conneted to nature
Mechanisms / Deism were rejected
They Infringed on creativity
oTolkien believes that magic opens up world for us because it breaks those boundaries , what magic
does in fairytales : it changes our perceptions of the world.
Hagsate : Our Modern World
Captured notion that when unicorn leaves , the world is desacrilized it lacks death and meaning and is very materialistic
oMedieval context examining modern ideas
We have a need for order, privilege the “Animal (Amphimorphic) Hero”  connection to natural environment
oRepresents idea that we can be intergrated with nature
oAnimals are tolkens – facists of the psyche
Red Bull – Premordial Figure
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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