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English 1022 Lecture on "The Dead" by James Joyce

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English 1022E
David Bentley

english lecture september 24 “The Dead” by James Joyce • Aunt Kate and Julia were alive, but now they’ve become stuck in a pattern. • Giving women no gender by using words like ‘flaccid, nut’ etc. • Mechanical and repetitive culture • Three Graces (youthful wisdom): • Venus (love) Juno (power) • • Pallas (wisdom) Freddy Malins • Broke pledge not to drink over Christmas • Like a robot/machine (p.2513 described with “mechanically) Mr. Browne (the e makes him pretentious) • Represents paralyzing ‘brownness’ England has on Ireland. • Obnoxious, excessively polite, attentive and creepy • England is taking hold of good young creative people (when he takes away the 3 young ladies) • Represents the British presence in Ireland. As long as he’s there, there will be no rebirth in Ireland. Lily • Sees through Gabriel • Not a hollaback girl YET Gretta • More genuine and authentic Miss Ivors • Sees through Gabriel too Mr. D’Arcy • Sings Western Irish song Gabriel • All of these characters ^ make him uncomfortable (Gretta joking about his galoshes, Miss Ivors accusing him of abandoning Ireland
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