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English Lecture 06 - Sep 30

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Western University
English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISH 1022E September 30 , 2010 ENGLISH – Lecture 6 BRAVE NEW WORLD… o Genre = fantasy, science fiction… not our world. Builds upon existing scientific ideas from their own day and culture. They imagine what would happen if they were expanded. Helicopters, test tube babies, cloning, sex hormone treatment, birth control pills, psychological conditioning—all these things were thought of, talked about, in early stages—he expanded them. But they need to be plausible, credible, and believable upon our own truths. o To what extent are the people in Brave New World happy? UTOPIA… o = ou (no) + place = eu (good) + place // Sir Thomas More, Utopia (1516) o Ambiguous. Something wonderful or awful? Look forward to or dread? Are we looking at somewhere near the limit of desire, or limit of repugnance. o 1516 – Sir Thomas More, “Utopia” o Social engineering – you can create a better society. Make a system, control, shape the future the way you want it. Brave New World… o Opening paragraph of Brave New World – fantastic. “A squat grey building of only 34 stories.” Grey – ugly, “brutalism”, dead, boring. Only 34 stories – touches our world as in 1932 they were used to bigger buildings. Community, Identity, Stability. All familiar concepts. Alluding to things in our world, but changing them. Like our world, but a dif
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