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English Lecture 23 - Jan 04.docx

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Western University
English 1022E
David Bentley

ENGLISH 1022E January 4 , 2011 ENGLISH – Lecture 23 KOMOS: revel, celebration – relating to comedy GAMOS: union – relation to comedy PASTORAL (pastor = shepherd) BLOCKING CHARACTER GREAT CHAIN OF BEING ELIZABETHAN WORLDVIEW CHRISTIAN-HUMANISM “Silvery laughter” – George Meredith “Comedy is inclined to imitate persons below the level of our world, tragedy above us.” – Aristotle us “All comedies end in marriage” Why? Because marriages signify union. COMEDY… - Often associated with spring, because it brings us upwards through winter into the life and rebirth of spring, and then the warmth and recovery of summer. Both will be evident in The Tempest and Paradise Lost. - Movement from characters we would look down on into characters we would look up on. Characters who were despicable become admirable. - Realistic Comedy: lower part of the quadrant, low-life characters, urban city, harshly satirical - Romantic Comedy: set in upper quadrant, high-born/high-life characters, some low-life, and not urban, not gritty underbelly, more of a pastoral setting. Forests, pastures. The Tempest is set on what is believed to be a knock-off of Bermuda, but he situates it somewhere else. Satire will be gentle, horatian satire. ENGLISH 1022E January 4 , 2011 THE TEMPEST… - High-Life: Prospero, Miranda, the core group - Caliban, Trinculo, Stephano, the mariners, etc - Silvery Laughter – tinkling, feel good laugh at the end of the comedy. CHARACTERS… - Prospero: magician, wise older man. Equivalent to Merlin. Master of white magic, using it for the good. He has brought people to the Island to make them better, correct their lives. In that way, he is similar to Morgan Le Fay in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by sending the Green Knight to the court to test the court and make them better. Time is of the essence in The Tempest—he has waited for years to bring the other characters to the island to better them. - Ariel: the air, of the spirit world, of harmony and music, and against him is a play full of the opposite, mostly spirit - Caliban: close to being an animal, all body, he would happily of people the Island by use of Miranda, happily rape h
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