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English 2071F/G
Stephanie Kelly

Frankenstein He doesn’t learn from this experience, he doesn’t change (frank) Chicken/egg narrative – whos at fault, the creator or the created? Why does he flee? It didn’t turn out how he wanted/he was so caught up creating it, that after it has been created, it scares him Although Frankenstein threatens victor if he marries Elizabeth, victor still goes through with the wedding Victor – kiss of death “vampire” like characteristics Victor shares something with the creature, some of the energy and desires of victor – the creature Dopplegangers – doubles – at the beginning, the creature is controlled by its emotions, by the end of the story, victor is controlled by his emotions – victor and Frankenstein make a whole – by the end of the text, theyre roles become reversed Henry (poet) – frankensteins only/last friend – a romantic spirit – crushed by franks crime, driven by reason Frank and the creature are both intelligent, isolated (frank – by own will, creature – because it is different/outcast), both characters are innocent, and are destroyed by their hopes, by the end of the text both pursue blind revenge. Frank is selfish, creature is innocent/sympatheic  transformed by cruelty of society into a monster Frankenstein had a great childhood, creature had a horrible childhood Creature is deformed/ugly, frank’s prob is internal, emptionally, intellectual + Elizabeth isn’t physically attracted to him, while the creature wants a mate. Context – this is about creating a new technology at the time of the industrial revolution Science fiction – extrapolating scientific theories/ideas At that time, women didn’t really have a voice, science was a man’s pursuit at
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