English 2092F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Mockingjay, Death Eater, Lord Voldemort

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Self-Testing Questions – Mockingjay
1. Like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, this novel uses its status a sequel
to shift from a dualistic structure of good vs. evil into a more complex triangular
structure in which a supposed ally (the Ministry of Magic or District 13) becomes
a dystopia in its own right. How does the introduction of District 13 affect the
depiction of both the Capitol and District 12?
Sirius says to Harry…. Theory that Umbridge might be working for voldemort isn’t
true because good and evil isn’t represented in good vs death eaters.
-district thirteen fights along side the oppressed districts…but is a dystopia bc excess
of order w schedules n rations. Society has evolved in the face of very great
pressures. UTILITARIAN VIEW. The use of Katniss. Not valued as a person only
when her preferences are convenient to them. Pg.240 starving stew is deliscious meal
makes people kinder. SOCIAL BONDS. Compared to Party…choose for ppl and
printed schedule…structure.
Family gets to keep cat but 13 thinks this is unpractical ‘buttercup’ demonstrates what
is missing from 13.
2. Unlike the government depicted in Nineteen Eighty-Four, District 13 is a grim but
fundamentally just society. What principles need to be acknowledged – alongside
the just distribution of resources – in order to create a society in which people can
genuinely flourish?
Punishment for stealing food, to reinforce equality.
-pg. 48 guard feels as if he is simply following rules therefore allows the prep team to
be punished. Treatment is not monstrous or shamefull bc norm.
ministry of love in 1984, cut off from everywhere else. “a place where there is no
darkness” …meaning also no daylight and no cycles. Less human and in a artificial
world. Similar to Katniss being stuck inside.
Bias and manipulated.
Grey uniforms vs blue overalls
And bad food.
But people are not oppressed believe in their goals in 13.
“serving size givin based on size age…ect”—more food to ppl from district 12 to
bring them up to weight.
12 considered full participating citizens no forms of class.
Hummingbird garden…beautiful but really a place to study hummingbirds as a
weapon…always practical motive…opposite of the capital.
Pg.226 Octavia drops to her knees and caresses the fabric of katnisss’ old dresses.
(misses beauty)
Ex. Fulvia crumples paper..dirty looks ( pampered lives relates to our own reality.)
Buttercup and the flashlight…instinct for play…13 is starved
Wedding 13 vs capital view
Value in things that bring laughter (fred and georges pranks)
3. When Katniss is deciding whether to become the Mockingjay, she asks, “could
any good I do possibly outweigh the damage?” (13). How does the novel answer
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