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Class 8

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That Poetry Class I think It’s class 8 Terms - (Medial) Caesurae o A grammatical break in the middle of a line (for drama homie) o Pause in metered poetry - Narrative poetry o unlike the lyric poems (which are just fragments, narrative poems are not) - A pander o Someone who helps along the lovers o Depending on the theme the pander can have malevolent undertones  For instance, if love proves to be fatal think about it o Now-a-days it’s all about being a peeeeuuuummmmp (pimp) - Senex Iratus o (usually) the father figure who tries to frustrate the lovers - Denouement o The unravelling - Diachronic: studying a poem across a time period - Synchronic: studying a poem within it’s time period Keats The Eve of St. Agnes - Pathetic Fallacy - Cold chilly night in the first two stanzas - PLOT: two young people in love in warring families o Madeline and also Porphyro o Night of st. agnes’ eve which is the coldest night of the year o Medieval - Spenserian Stanza o Eight lines of iambic pentameter o Last line is a line of iambic hexameter or an alexandrine o Rhyme scheme is ABABBCBCC o Invented by Edward Spenser or something - So there is a story teller, a narrator o Different kind of language is used o Different from a lyric poem because a lyric poem has a speaker - Angela o Sort of works as both senex iratus, or the pander  She’s a more complex character o Is she someone who is a helper, or a ruiner of innocence? - Porphyro o Is he a self-serving opportunist, or is he a soldier of love - Some of the reasons that the love isn’t a good thing o Take a look at stanza 36  The pathetic fallacy is pretty negative  “Frost-wind, sharp sleet” etc etc o So is the poem
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