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Day 2

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English 2230F/G

Day 2 of this Poetry English Class (I think) Rumi - A thirteenth century poet I guess Today’s Class - The Difference Between Literal and Figurative Language - Think of the figurative translations of the literal o It can be done through comparison and similarity  Simile  Metaphor  Symbol o And in another way  Metonymy  Synecdoche - History of the use of metaphor o Terms - Image: gives you a sense or an idea of something concrete - Vehicle: a means to explaining something o “The image of a rose is a vehicle to explaining love”  Could not be more contrived o The vehicle drives the tenor - What the point of a metaphor is is the tenor o The vehicle gets you to the point of the metaphor - Ground: think of it like a common ground o Commonalities o Between things - Hyperbole: exaggeration o Why are you writing this you know this - Apostrophe: It’s an address to something or someone who is absent o A direct address in a poem o Sometimes reserved for something that can’t be addressed (ex. the moon) o It used to be used to mean a shift towards addressing someone  Older meaning though/outdated now  Sense of a dramatic moment at the turn of the address • The person needs to talk to the addressee - A symbol is an image that is itself literally but also has other meanings attached o Ex. those shoes you bought me don’t fit - Readerly o For the reader o You can pull out the argument and paraphrase it - Writerly o For the writer - Metaphor, simile, and symbol all work by similarity and comparison - Metonymy: one thing is substituted for another o because of association not similarity - Synecdoche: part of the whole is used as a substitute for the whole o “Gotta get me some wheels, see” - Refrain: the repeated part of a poem or song that is repeated at regular intervals A Red, Red Rose - So the rose functions as both a similie and a symbol - It’s a symbol o Overtones for a rose = love and shit - There’s an apostrophe between stanza 1 and 2 o There’s also a hyperbole  “I’ll love you till all those seas go dry and yeah” - There’s an interesting thing worth noting the juxtaposition of the fresh love in the first stanza and the second stanza’s dry withered descriptions o It’s like aging and stuff woo Pet Panther - Vehicle: panther - Tenor: his attention - My attention is like a pet panther/ if it doesn’t do stuff it’ll die o In other words: the persona needs some lovin’ or else they’ll be dead of being bored and yeah o The persona’ll get into trouble
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