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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Barbara Bruce

Week 12 Notes Nov 25, 2013 This week: were looking at formalism Film Stylistic system arrises from the stylistic use of MES, editing, sound, cinematography we call it a stylistic system because all the filmmaker's choices influence the world of the film a filmmaker can choose to make that look realistic, recognizable a filmmaker will use MES, cinematography editing sound to create the world which they want to make two ways in which film is used: 1. film as a subjective medium ->film that is stylized and artificial ->some films are able to penetrate into private world 2. film as an objective medium ->external phenomenal world We should not think of these categories as mutually exclusive. Many films like the wizard of oz combine the subjective and objective. Think of the relationships between these two in terms of a continuum rather than a binary 2 films we are watching today: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari german film from 1929, - considered to be greatest example of German Expressionism - film isn't typical hollywood - We see this influence of film in Tim Borton - when filmmakers use formalist methods, they way to jolt the audience and force them out of t
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