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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Gregg Redner

11/17/09 – narrative II The Classical Film Narrative: Three primary features characterize the classical narrative: 1. It centres on one or more central characters who prople the plot with a casue-and effect logic. (i.e. Action prompts reaction) 2. Its plot develops with linear chronology directed at certain goals 3. It employs and omniscient (all elements of the narrative are presented from many or all potential angles) or restricted (focuses on one or two characters) narration that suggests some degree of realism - Since 1910 the predominat narrative style in Hollywood has b een classic flm narrative The Varieyt of Narrative Traditions: - Classical film Narrative - Alternative Film Narrative There are two important variations on the Classical Narrative Tradition: 1. Classical European narrative (1910 into the 1940s) - Situates the story in large and varied social context that privilolege the group dynamic over the central protrtagonist - They tend to focus on relationship more than action 2. Postclassical narrative (Post WWII-today) – Atrasnational approach ton arrative that expanded that parameters of classical narrative to the breaking point. - Undermines the power of the protagonist - This means that the narrative is often times less focused - The intentions of the character, because they are less in control often do no propel the narrative forward - Anti-teleological Alternative Film Narrative: - This style of filmmaking is more visible in independent film and in foreign art f
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