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Cinematography 2

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Film Studies
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Film Studies 1020E
Peter Brunette

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Cinematography 2 29 September 2011 - exam on week 7, key words/short answers definitions, short answers about terms concept about a movie - October 19th - no multiple choice - there will be a review Animation and Special Effects: Animation: - early animation (Melies, The Impossible Voyage) - coloured film cell, basic animation - Mickey Mouse (Steamboat Willy, 1928) - sound was used for the first time - Toy Story (computer generated film, 1995) - arthouse animation, Deminion in Dialogue (Svankmayer, 1983) - have a reality look from clay - very different from a Disney cartoon Special Effects - special effects add visuals to the screen - process shots (the matte shot), change what is seen, it can add figures - CGI special effects (computer generated images) Mini Quiz (fined defintion): - rack focus - hand-held camera (16mm) - steadicam - usuall zoom out - pan and scan Significane of the Image: Presence/Text: - we see how they work, and add artists meaning to what we see - "M" was a groundbreaker for cinematography - good films represent the world, in an artistic way - presentation:
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