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Geography 1100

GEOGRAPHY 1100 [email protected] Without spacial variation, geography wouldn’t exist. • diverse discipline • with roots into and from many disciplines • draws upon a large list of other disciplines Example: On the Beach : How to solve geological problems The beach has many means for us, for example to sunbathe, go swimming. The beach can also be used to get to another piece of land. The need for exploration, there is a diving interest to find out what is on the other side of the ocean. We like being located by water. We can generally find any major city near a beach. If you don’t have water then your city can’t grow. We cannot live without water. Colour Tone Map: Choropleth Map Isoline Map : Isopleth a map where its lines represent data Interpersonal Distance: The distance between the density and distance between individuals. For example the distance between people on the beach (family groups, couples, people alone) The distance between how close and far apart they are from eachother. We have a large range of patterns when changing the time of when people go to the beach. For example if we measure the time in decades, over the weekend, in the summer or winter months. General: Humanity coming into terms with the environment. Question: Why do we live where we do even if we “know” there are hazards. Perhaps we are rational people doing irrational things. Having a sense of home. Geographers seek answers to three broad questions: • where is it? • why is it there? • why is it important? They will be focused in: • location: precision of where something is • human: environmental relationships • region identification GEOGRAPHY 1100 Underlying the three questions above one must be curious on why things are the way they are. This curiously leads to discovery. We seek the unknown because we are curious. No journeys end: She views the discovery of different cultures in her music. Being from Canada calling her music world music because of the Ireland influences she experienced. Location, Direction, Distance Longitude Measues positions east and west but run north to south. Latitude Measures east and west and measure positions north and south. An example if an absolute location is the longitude and latitude. An example of a relative location is the relationship between your house and the mall. Geographers are also interested in the site and situation. The Site is the physical and cultural characteristics of the place. The situation is the external relationship between particular place and another place. Absolute Directions: North, south, east, west Relative direction: When one is giving directions to a person, for example directions on how they can get down your house. When we talk about distance we mean the spatial separation which can we measured in miles or km. When we talk about relative distance, we talk about units, time, money, fear or routes on how to get there. Scale is the relationship between the real world onto paper. We use a scale because not everything is visible on a sheet of paper, information may be lost, this is a generalization when we go from the real world to a map. Every map we see is inaccurate in some fashion. When talking about scale we can refer to this as the macroscopic process. These cover large areas of land. Ax example is an isostatic rebound; energy movement. There is no control over macroscopic physical processes by
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